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10 years of the First Hungarian Unconditional Basic Income Association

Our Association was founded on May 31, 2011 in Budaörs.

Since then we have held regular monthly meetings and launched a wide range of activities. From the very beginning we have been enthusiastic and tireless in carrying out our tasks. We never stopped!

We have done a huge dissemination work in Hungary, spreading the concept of the Unconditional Basic Income - the UBI - and we are doing so despite the fact that we currently have just 16 members.

Our association's name is also known internationally among NGOs fighting for UBI . We, the members of the Association, are not only talking but also working for the idea of a Basic Income without conditions.

Despite the difficulties caused by the worldwide epidemic, we have launched the European Citizens' Initiative "Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) throughout the EU" in Hungary.

The campaign started on  September 25, 2020 and has been extended twice due to the epidemic, to run until  March 25, 2022.

It's very difficult to organize a campaign without being able to contact people face-to-face, and until now we have only been able to work online. We hope that by the summer we can reach people directly, talk to them, and they will support and sign up to the UBI.

We are the first and still the only organisation in Hungary whose sole aim and sole work is to promote the introduction of UBI in Hungary, in the EU and ultimately in the world. This is our mission! This is our REASON TO BE!

"YESTERDAY we hoped for it, TODAY we think about it, TOMORROW we could not imagine living without it!  This is Unconditional Basic Income! "

We will be 10 years old on May 31, 2021. On 3th of June, we will celebrate (in masks!) at our headquarters in Budaörs, hoping that our commitment to Unconditional Basic Income will bear fruit as soon as possible.

May 31, 2011 - May 31, 2021.



Photo  1. was taken on the ECI-UBI 2013/14 campaign. The 3 founder members from left: Zita-Evamaria-Uschi, our president Györgyi and others. 



 Horny 2017 1

 Photo 2 was taken on the Island- Festival the Left’s: POLITIC - KULTUR - SPORT  25. till 27. August 2017 in Horany/Hungary
From left:  Györgyi Szentpéter, the president of the Association / Marlene Graßl winer of the   ’Mein Grundeinkommen’  in 2016  for one  Year long.  /
Sabine Heißner  UBI  Aktivist from Munich /  Ursula Pflieger  one of the Vice-president of the Association




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